3 Steps To Wellness

Although it is not required to have a referral, many patients find our services through the recommendations of a WSBC representative, doctor, or health care professional. With this in mind, the concept of physiotherapy may be new to you. We feel patient education is an important part of the rehabilitation process and will spend time with you in discussing which treatment plan is right for you.

This section details the 3 steps usually involved in physiotherapy treatments, although these may be altered to better accommodate your personal rehabilitation needs. We look forward to working with you on your road to recovery!

Personal Assessment

In order to determine the nature and extent of your injury, we begin the treatment process with a personal assessment. Following the assessment, we can begin discussing which treatment options may work best for you.

Treatment Options

Treatment typically involves manual therapy, spinal manipulation, electrotherapy, traction, ultrasound, IMS, taping, and acupuncture. Exercise and working various muscles are also important elements in the recovery process; these may include stretching, strengthening, and posture correction.

Reassess Your Success

To ensure a successful rehabilitation, we will continually review your progress and discuss areas that may require further work.

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As a Primary Health Care centre, a doctor’s referral is not necessary to receive treatment. If you have extended benefits a doctor's referral may be necessary in order to facilitate reimbursement. New patients, as well as ICBC and WorkSafe BC patients are always welcome! Time permitting, we do accept walk-­in patients.

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