Therapeutic Knee Brace & Splint Products

At Kelowna Physiotherapy Associates, we sell and recommend several products to provide extra support as you move about your everyday life. These include the revolutionary Exos splint and DonJoy® knee braces.

Exos Splints

When faced with an injury, the last thing you want is to be limited in the number of activities you enjoy. Exos solves this common dilemma. When compared to traditional splints, Exos’ splints are relatively comfortable, waterproof, re­conformable, fully customizable, lightweight, and do not require sawing prior to removal. That’s comfort, that’s Exos. Visit the Exos site today!

DonJoy® Knee Braces

Brace yourself! DonJoy® utilizes over 30 years of research in bringing the latest in knee brace technology. These braces act as an exoskeleton, providing proper pivot points for supported mobility, as well as a rigid structure to prevent further strains and sprains to the ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL.

To learn more about these innovative products, we invite you to visit the DonJoy® website today! Browse our selection of Exos splints and DonJoy® knee braces, visit Kelowna Physiotherapy Associates today!


Oval-8 Braces


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